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20% off framing for a limited time


Charming Baker: My Paintings Aren't Quite Right Are They?

Charming Baker is the painter who shot to fame and has been hailed officially one of Britain’s best artists. Championed by Damien Hirst and sold to the world’s biggest collectors, his beautiful and unnerving art has found international acclaim. We’ve stumbled across this fantastic video interview with him which is definitely worth sharing.

Filmed in New York, the interview discusses Baker’s incredible portrait of Michelle Obama and the unusual techniques he employed in the process of creating it. Baker is incredibly articulate and candid and offers some fascinating musings on light, bowerbirds, conflict, and the nature of painting. It is also worth a watch for the amusing shots of Baker walking across New York with Michele Obama tucked under one arm, and down Sub Way staircases with a large zebra…

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