The grandfather of the British Pop movement creates an homage to ten artists who have inspired him throughout his artistic career.

Sir Peter Blake’s upcoming show, 'Homage 10x5 Blake's Artists', witnesses the legendary artist pay homage to ten artists that have had a profound impact upon him over the years.

Taking his cue from the likes of Rauschenberg, Schwitters, Steinberg and Hirst, Blake has created a stunning and humorous series of works that channel the spirit of the originals into his own inimitable visual style, resulting in a body of work that eloquently riffs upon their aesthetic and conceptual depth.

Peter Blake is an inveterate collector of everything from pop culture to found objects and seaside detritus. For this, his latest exhibition of original works, he has drawn on his magpie-like hoard to produce ten series of work each consisting of five pieces dedicated to each artist.

Talking about the exhibition, Blake says: “these pieces are my nod of appreciation, a way of saying thank you to the artists whose work I like. It began with ‘Appropriating Jack Pierson’. I liked Pierson’s work and wanted one for myself, so decided to make my own.”

Of the new body of work, Pierson stated that Blake’s version of his work was “spooky” in its accuracy. Blake himself, describing the board game collages that honour the work of Robert Rauschenberg, are said to be “cleaned-up Rauschenberg’s”.

‘Homage 10 x 5 – Blake’s Artists’ opens at Waddington’s Gallery, Cork Street on the 17th November and runs until December 11th.

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