London artist Zeus has been described as a 3D graffiti pioneer and his latest creation has us fizzing with excitement. Broken Arted is a brilliant handmade sculpture based on the British confectionary classic the Love Heart. Each piece is a hand cast and painted model of a giant Love Heart sweet which has then been broken and sealed into a box frame where it is signed and numbered. The random nature of the break ensures that each of the witty works in this edition of 25 is completely unique.

Zeus majored in sculpture at Chelsea College of Art and his works represent an innovative fusion of graffiti techniques, fine art and sculpture, reflecting both his background on the streets and his formal art school training. We love the sculptural element of ‘Broken Arted’ and its playful appropriation of the sweetie that says it all is ingenious!

Interesting Love Heart facts... Production of Love Hearts began in 1933. The first special edition was done in 1981 to celebrate Princess Diana's wedding. Wayne and Coleen Rooney got personalised sweets made up for their wedding which read "Wayne and Coleen".