A massive one-day exhibition produced and featuring post-street artist Bobby Hill opens in Soho New York City on the 11th September.

Bobby Hill, who has been working alongside artrepublic for a couple of years now has taken over a 5000 sq. ft space on the 2nd floor of a townhouse building that once housed Andy Warhol's upstairs studio and Grace Jones' La Vie main floor restaurant.

On display will be over 200 original works of art in a range of media on canvas, paper and wood. Also included in the line-up is "MICA", a 36 ft long painting (composed of eight canvases put together).

The undertone to the show seems to be very much about the people of New York, reflected by the chosen day of the exhibition. In anticipation of this, 2000 limited edition pieces and originals worth in excess of $50000 have been hidden throughout the New York City streets and subway system for fans, enthusiasts and opportunists to get their hands on until Fashion's Night Out.

Hill states “For the lucky ones who find these pieces, they will have the opportunity to get them signed at the show.”

Bobby Hill is the New York-based visual artist who has been behind the scenes for years and is now emerging in the mainstream with his current body of work, dubbed Post Street Art.

His professional career started as an illustrator when the art director of a popular hip hop magazine, found samples of Hill's work in the corner of the publisher's office moments before it was to be thrown in the garbage.

His recent work combines a blend of pop imagery, aspects of street art/ graffiti and abstract expressionist elements that have the pulsating feel of NYC. He has sold countless pieces of work to various international buyers including rapper Jay-Z.

If you are interested in Bobby Hill or street art and would like to know further information or to enquire about other works and artists we have in the gallery call +44 (0)20 7240 7909 or email soho@artrepublic.com