Mr Brainwash has recently directed the new music video for David Guetta’s new track Metropolis.

This is not the first time they have collaborated together, the two friends Thierry Guetta (aka Mr Brainwash) the infamous French graffiti artist and David Guetta, the world famous DJ, not only share the same surname but share a passion for artistic expression in music and art. David Guetta did a live DJ set at the exclusive preview of Mr Brainwash’s recent knockout solo show in London. Mr Brainwash was jettisoned into the limelight following the Oscar nominated Banksy film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” and hasn’t looked back since creating exciting work in all media.

“My vision for art is all about trying new things without any limits. This is my first music video so when burn and David asked me to come on board I knew I wanted to make it a colourful, artistic collision of both music and art.” Mr Brainwash

Check out the music video for Metropolis here...