Following the success of “Silver Queen” and “Used Jack Landscape” The Strange Case Company have upped their game and released another stunner of a print “Huge Jack”.

Consisting of 1425 individual stamps collected from around the United Kingdom, from the coronation to the present day, "Huge Jack" is a celebration of the Queen and the Union Jack which have both played a huge part this year. The print is finished in matt, gloss UV with individual stamps picked out in gold and purple iridescent finishes. Each print has an actual stamp collaged onto it making each one in the edition unique.

The Strange Case Company is a collaboration between two award winning designers Jamie Durrant and Scott Coley and they have been producing an iconic range of limited edition prints focusing on classic imagery with a twist. They draw inspiration from a variety of sources from the current popularity of royalty as a brand, through to the past fascination of Victorian curiosities.