Ben Allen recently had Katie Price in his studio collaborating with him on a portrait of her which is inspired by the Jubilee and recently featured in the national press over the Jubilee weekend.

As part of the new TV series based around the life of Katie Price, the film crew spent a day in the studio with Ben Allen whilst he coached and collaborated with Katie on her own piece of urban art work. The day was spent seeing Katie work from original images that had been shot of her and turning them into screens. She even had a go pulling the screens herself!

The painting will be on show as part of the DIRTY SEXY MONEY Exhibition at Turner Barnes Gallery in London which previews on 27th June then moves to Chelmsford for most of July. The piece has kindly been donated by Katie and Ben to be auctioned to help raise money for the charities close to Katie’s heart, The Vision Charity and Autism Independent UK. This really will be an interesting auction of such a unique piece created by one of today’s icons and a great emerging talent on the art scene.His upcoming show DIRTY SEXY MONEY is the first solo show for the increasingly popular artist featuring 46 stunning new works based around today’s modern culture.