artrepublic Soho resident artist AME 72 is set to make art history this autumn with a massive landmark show titled Let’s Go in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The show, which come the opening night will have been in preparation for well over 5 months, will set a record as AME 72 will be the first British urban artist to ever put on a solo show in Israel.

It is to be held at a prominent gallery in Tel Aviv and will focus on AME72’s most famous series of work: the Lego men. There will be a variety of works in the exhibition executed in numerous mediums including canvas, wood, card and plastic. Mr Ame will also be showcasing his latest foray into light art, video art, animatronics installation and even sand sculpture.

It certainly promises to be something that Tel Aviv has not seen before. There are also plans for a print to be released, but details on this will be announced by the artist closer to the time.

The Middle East has seen an increased attention towards urban and street art over the last couple of years with the likes Banksy, Paul Insect and co famously setting up a derivative of the popular Christmas pop-up shop Santas Ghetto in Bethlehem.

AME 72 has been active in the street art scene since 1985. Over the last 24 years he has created pieces worldwide, but is best known for his use of Lego men in his stencils which has earned him the nickname ‘the Lego guy’. He has created works in various countries around the globe such as the UK, USA, Spain, Thailand, Israel, Egypt, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Australia. He prefers spray paint but has been known to create works from sand, snow, plastic and even bullets.

If you are interested in AME 72 and would like to know further information or to enquire about other works we might have in the gallery call +44 (0)20 7240 7909 or email