Well now you can! Local art hotel Artists Residence has recently seen an awful lot of Jo Peel, Hutch and Ben Allen, so now you can spend your stay in a themed room that has been designed and created by the artist's.

Each artist has created a room that is very representative of their work and the Hotel has dressed the rooms appropriately to compliment the design. The overall look is crisp, polished, and makes a unique hotel experience.

Earlier last month Jo Peel made her stamp on the Brighton based Hotelier inspiration of which can be seen in from her prints Meat Market and the industrial elements of Olympic Park and the East London Line 02. The design is an optimistic look at the idea of human impermanence. Jo has created a deserted urban landscape in which trees grow through buildings examining the debris created by the human exploitation of our natural environment.

The piece Hutch has created is a funky, urban room by the established graffiti street artist. It’s a mix of sexy pin up girls and winged spray paint cans that creates a gritty yet stylized theme.

Ben Allen has adorned the walls with his unique and instantly recognisable style. His dark romantic room uses impressively large tigers, roses and his signature pop art influenced women’s faces.

artrepublic have also heard news that the next artist on the cards for a Hotel room make over will be the talented graphic designer and photographer Bonnie and Clyde, so keep checking back for details.

Watch this beautifully shot Stop Frame video of the whole process of the creation of Jo Peel’s room. Also visit our tumblr page for more pictures of each of the artist’s room.