After our recent visit to Pure Evil we discovered details of what to expect next from his busy diary for 2012.

Pure Evil tells us of sequels he is working on for ‘Sex and Moderate Violence Sells’. This popular print combines images of beautiful sexual women on a back drop of explosions and a volatile landscape. Charley is creating two continuations of the original, the idea being that you could hang the three together and have a panoramic view of the whole story.

The second print will be called ‘Sex and Moderate Violence part 2’ and the third is to be named ‘Sex and Moderate Violence part 3’. Each piece will gradually have more and more exaggerated imagery, the women have become more extreme, and the violence and explosions become bigger.

Where you can find Pure Evil...

In May the Pure Evil gallery are aiming to host an innovative show ‘Sugar Rush’. The concept of the exhibition is not what you would expect from a gallery titled ‘Pure Evil’. All the work shown will be from children 12 and under who have been given the freedom to submit anything they like to the show. Charley shows us a sample of a hand drawn comic book he has been given from one of the kids and the standard and detail are very impressive.

The rest of 2012 is fairly action packed for Charley he has a show with his girlfriend Crossie in April, then this summer he’s involved with a music festival. He is also putting together a show for the Olympics based on images he found from 1968 and 1972 Olympics of boxers and wrestlers. In between all this he will be running the day to day activity of the gallery and continuously hosting new artist’s shows. Definitely an artist to watch out for this year!