Miss Bugs and Joe Black launch their first U.S. show ‘2 Many Artists’ on 4th of April at Brooklynite Gallery.

Collaborators Miss Bugs and Joe Black will lead a grim but loving procession through hives of art world iconography.

If you cant make it to New York you can see live streaming coverage of the opening by going to http://www.brooklynitegallery.com/ and click on the live TV button. Or you can read their exclusive interview with Miss Bugs and Joe Black about their work and the exhibition here.

Miss Bugs released a new set of limited edition prints on the 26th March ‘The Faceless Art Three’. Each one is a stunning five colour aerosol stencil and two colour screen-print on aluminium sheet. These images will be featured as a triptych in the upcoming show "2 Many Artists" at the Brooklynite gallery.

Miss Bugs uses collage and layering silk screens with other found materials to generate stories. He draws inspiration from television, cartoons, news events, celebrities and religion. Continuously exploring these areas in his work; at times taking a dark and humorous approach, mixing religion with pornography or looking at the art world with a sometime cynical eye.

Joe Black will be demonstrating his extremely advanced technique of assembling photo-realistic images from found objects such a Lego, badges and ball bearings. His use of specific icons and the way he depicts them highlights a sinister piece of pop culture and the art world that, through infinite generations, will not leave.

Show Details :

4th of April - 2nd May 2009

Opening reception 4th April: 19.00 – 22.00 (EST)

334 MalcolmX Blvd
New York
001 347 405 5976